Language school contract

Language school problem


Language school cooling-off

English and French, there are a number of language school in the current, such as Chinese, but there will also be resulting in a contract to a less enthusiastic is flowed to the atmosphere of the place if you went to listen to the explanation with interest. In this case, there are times when it can be released unconditionally if within eight days after the contract if use of the cooling-off system. This is because there is a case in which contract language school corresponds to the 'Specified Continuous Service' in specific trade law, contract period exceeding two months, to pay it a condition that the total amount of the fee is over \ 50,000 It has become.

Cooling-off rule

Determines the language school, is prior to your application to the course you want to understand the conventions that have always defined their schools and placement company. Depending on the company, if there even anyone to the detail, also there where it should not and does not check the self-responsibility, the corresponding method is different. In addition, you also what is described of course have different various condition. Is often the place where is provided a rule that cooling-off among them. If you say something, between the number of days after your application to language school is the rule that such cancellation fee can cancel the course without causing any.